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Welcome to Beauty Swim - Lake & Sea Collection

Hi, I’m Kitty, I create handmade jewelry and accessory art for my Etsy Shop. Art has always been a big part of my life ~ it's a joy being creative and making pieces that other's can enjoy and use as gifts! Here are some of the items that I hand-craft for my shop:


Keuka Lake Jewelry - Finger Lakes Art: 

I make Finger Lakes gifts and Keuka Lake jewelry using glass that I find in Keuka Lake, New York. These Finger Lakes jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind jewelry items that are perfect for gift giving to anyone that loves Hammondsport jewelry, Penn Yan NY, Keuka Lake art and Finger Lakes gifts. The Keuka Lake jewelry necklace, bracelets and earrings are made with handpicked Keuka Lake glass, sterling silver and sometimes semi-precious stones/crystals. This Finger Lakes jewelry line is filled with handmade, creatively designed pieces of Keuka Lake art. Each is absolutely unique ~ perfect as a special QKA gift. Each piece of Keuka Lake glass tells an unknown story lost to the depths of Keuka Lake in the beautiful Finger Lakes Wine Country of upstate New York. Shop here.


Sanibel Island Jewelry - Shell Jewelry: 

The Sanibel Island shell earrings I make feature handpicked Sanibel shells, beads and sterling silver ear wires. These Sanibel shell art earrings are each handmade, and creatively designed pieces of Florida jewelry art, featuring Sanibel Island shells. All of my shell art earrings are each unique. The shell jewelry pieces make a great wedding gift for the new bride that gets married on island, a Florida College graduate or someone that loves Sanibel Captiva art and Florida earrings. Each set of Sanibel earrings tells an unknown story lost to the depths of the Gulf of Mexico on beautiful Bowman’s Beach, where I collect my shells by snorkeling near shore. Shop here.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillows - Lavender Eye Masks: 

The Beauty Swim aromatherapy eye pillow mask is a meditation eye pillow tool scented with lavender and sweet orange in a beautiful array of tropical prints. The smell is incredible, it invokes instant relaxation and can be used as an eye sleep mask. Use in meditation practices, hot/cold therapy, aromatherapy, headache/anxiety/sinus relief and relaxation. This is a great gift or accessory as a yoga pillow mask during practice at home or at the yoga studio. Another way to use these is to activate the aromatherapy by scrunching the pillow and setting it on your chest or by your side during yoga or meditation. Each pillow is handmade and filled with an individually mixed potpourri of relaxing elements. Shop here.

About Me: 

I spend a lot of time with my husband and kids in SWFL but we call Hammondsport, NY ~ home. We love to travel, snorkel in the Gulf of Mexico AND Keuka Lake, cook and eat together, ski and snowboard and mostly have fun and laugh a lot. My family has been my biggest support system since starting Beauty Swim - thank you little tribe! I have an art degree and have been creating for my whole life and love using the ocean and lakes as my inspiration for the items in my shop. All of my products are made one at a time, by hand so each item is unique and original.

Newsletter & Coupon: 

When you sign up for my newsletters, you'll get a coupon code to use in my Etsy Shop and new artwork updates, giveaway alerts and sale info. Your privacy is important to me, I will never share your contact info! Sign up here.

Fast Shipping & Gift Wrapping: 

My items are made and ready to GO and ship on your order day or next. I ship USPS First Class Mail. Gift wrapping is available.

Spread The Love: 

As my small business grows, giving back continues to be important to me. Donations have been made to the following non-profits: Milly's Pantry (Penn Yan, NY), Put it on Pete's Tab (Cape Coral, FL), CROW (Sanibel, FL). Read more.

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